Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Today is the Day that we here a Clothesthecurtains have been waiting for and finally its here, from getting woken UP by numerous friends seeking a little phone company a7 o'clock in the morning in those long lines, Im feeling so good about today and the outcome but still I have this nervous feeling in my tummy cause up till last night there was still 5% undecided voters but I have belief and gut feeling that Barack Obama will be our president and like Jay-z said no one on this earth is perfect but work with the kid- I hear that- I dont wanna talk yall to death so say a prayer for Barack Obama and Joe Biden and lets work on our future with these men because you know they need our help this is just the beginning. HISTORY IS HAPPINING RIGHT NOW THE YOUNGER-OLDER GENERATION NEVER BEEN SO EAGER AND INTO SOMETHING LIKES THIS AND AGAIN A QUOTE FROM JAY-Z "OBAMAS RUNNING SO WE ALL CAN FLY" I HEAR THAT-TONIGHTS THE NIGHT LIKE BETTY WRIGHT LOL* REMINDER** DONT FORGET TO COVER UP THOSE BUTTONS AND/OR T-SHIRTS THEY CANT TAKE AWAY YOUR VOTE BUT YOU CANT WEAR YOUR STUFF AT THE BOOTH

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