Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scene Two: Ginuwine returns with his "Last Chance"

This is how you come back after four years nice smooth and grown...he says this time around he'll be more tasteful which I'm sure most women would be highly disappointed because we all remember his "Pony" days, but we have to keep in mind that he's a father and also a husband (he's married to rapper Sole). Its so good to see he still has it in the looks department, his snake like moves, and his masculine voice which I adore I'm glad he didn't try to get in where he fit in and try to do some wack club type autotune shake your ass record, he stayed in his lane Thank You for that...In the video he plays a cop where it seems his girl has a problem with his job and his partner being fine ass dark Tyrese...Imma def buy this album cause Í'm a fan of his and I also hear he's back in the studio with Timbaland and his second single will feature Missy Elliot Yessss...I also noticed when he was on 106 & and Fart *yes I spelled fart lol* they didn't even acknowledge LisaRaye at ALL; I guess they didn't want an awkward situation being that Rocsi was messing with her husband and she almost got her ass kicked by Queen Pen because of it lol lemme stop being Messy and check the video out below...

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