Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Scene Four:Charlie Wilson Video-There goes my Baby!!

Don't care what ya'll think, I am really feeling this video. It's soo real, raw, and I like it, it's not edited. It captures real love. Snoop and his wife have been married over 20 yrs and were High School Sweethearts. In the video, there was actual footage of when they got re-married last year. I soo love this song, it takes me to a place music back in the day use to take me, with groups such as Jodeci,Bryan Mc Night , Mariah Carey, Genuwine and others. Any whoo Charlie Wilson has been in the game for over 30 yrs and is still making those hits that touch your soul.

P.s. this record is getting heavy airplay on the radio (lite fm stations). Support Charlie Wilson, and, oh yea...Bow sooo hard till ya knees hit ya foreheads!


Anonymous said...

it is a nice video...hopefully they really do have a good marriage

ClothesTheCurtains said...

lol u never know with these celebrities...but they seem to have a steady household from the show they have