Sunday, March 29, 2009

Scene One: Asher Roth> I love College

Im not sure if everyone loves college, but i know for sure when this song came on at the clubs peeps went Caraazzyyyy "I wished I Taped it" lol as a student in college this song makes you wanna go to all the campus parties my friend Ryan used to tell me about all his Beer pong adventures and Asher actually gives you 4 years in 4 minutes,College life is crazy...campus life is even more crazyyyy n azmaaazzzzinnn something I wish I would of did. When this song came on my cuz *LB* asked is this new Eminem lmao he do sound like him but imagine Em rapping bout college lmao....But check this shit out on this cool Laazy Sonday....Playsis

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