Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Scene Three:Diddy says Biggie j.r. and Biggie on the same track for upcoming Notorious B.I.G film

From BallerStatus.com -- Diddy recently revealed that a father and son collaboration between the Notorious B.I.G. and his son Christopher Wallace Jr. would appear on the soundtrack to the late rapper's biopic, "Notorious."

The duet is a remake of Biggie's classic "One More Chance," according to what he tells MTV. When it was finished, Diddy was blown away.

"We did the Nat King Cole / Natalie Cole thing," Diddy told MTV. "Lil' CJ and his father is rapping. It's beautiful. Lil' CJ -- Big's son -- is actually in the movie, and it's just a beautiful thing when you hear both of them on 'One More Chance.' "

As for the movie itself, the hip-hop mogul says the film depicts the events of his interactions with the later rapper to a "T," and the end? Well, Diddy says he was so moved, he couldn't get over it for a couple weeks.

"The movie's a mother's story," he explained. "[Big's] mother is the driving force of the movie getting done. I wanted the movie to speak for itself, so I haven't been out there overhyping it. But truth be told, I was blown away by the movie. I was entertained by the movie. The movie is what was happening. Can't no critics speak on it. I'm telling you, that's my life right there. That's what it was. That's what was happening."

"At the end of the movie, it messed me up," Diddy continued. "I was messed up for two weeks. It made you miss him in the right way. It made you count your blessings. It's definitely a tear-jerker. It's definitely a movie you're gonna be dancing in, crying in, you're gonna love it. You're gonna wanna see it again."

"Notorious" is slated to hit theaters on January 16, while the soundtrack -- which will include the father-son duet -- hits stores January 13.

Source: http://www.ballerstatus.com/article/news/2008/12/5932/
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