Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Intermission:KatTalk is back and with a vengance, Today's topic is GOLD DIGGERS


I recently read a book about women who aspired only to marry wealthy men. In the book the women were villified and were looked upon as imoral for their preference.
Is it morally wrong to want to marry a man with a sizeable bank account and has social economic status. If a woman has a preference for a wealthy man is it any different from a man who has a preference for beautiful women, or a college educated professional woman.

Some may argue that if a woman only wants to marry a man who is wealthy, she would eventually leave him if he ever loses his money. Some would also argue that she is just using him for his wealth.

It is just as easy to fall in love with a wealthy man as with a poorer man. Everyone is entitled to have a preference and who are we to judge what people like. As long as you are honest and not trying to misrepresent yourself I see nothing wrong with it personally. I respect all different viewpoints and welcome your feedback. Please comment and let me know what your stance is on this subject.

I could not have said it any better, it's sad that a lot of girls actually look up to that dumb broad superhead. They want nothing more, than to just take their clothes off, sell their bodies and have babies and shoot up crack in an alley. Trust me I watch enough Maury to know this. Women that are gold diggers just make it that much harder for the real Miss Independents to be taken seriously. Sh*t all I know is if the dig in my pockets the only thing they gettin is lint and it's gonna stay like that no matter how many billions i get, strags!

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