Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scene Six: Eugena from ANTM does "Holiday Hair with Ted Gibson and our own Ludget Delcy" with Essence Magazine

Eugena from ANTM, is not letting her loss on ANTM stop her, she is still very hard at work. This time she steps off of the runway to get a few hair suggestions and improvements from Ted Gibson and you know where there are models there is Lugee or Ludget Delcy, to be poliitcally correct lol! Any whoo Essence magazine does a wonderful article on Eugena and the God of Hair (real and fake, no pun intended) Ted Gibson. The article shows the whole Before and After effect of going to the hair salon. It shows how you can come in, looking like you were outside pushing a cart full of cans and asking for change, lol, to looking like your on 5th avenue in Bergdof Goodman. If your like me you would take Eugena in either scenario lol, but the shots were good and for more on this article you can head over to

By the way this article was styled by our very own Ludget Delcy (rEaLstylisH), he continues to bring fresh air to the game. So big shout out to Lugee for the article and i see we getting those styling credits up aren't we. Also if you didn't already know Essence says "Women worldwide flock to the Ted Gibson Salon to experience the sheer genius of this mane man." His salon is located on 5th avenue also in case you ladies were wondering.

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