Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Scene Six: Style at its best...Raf Simmons, Christian Dior, N some more LANVIN

Raf Simons astronaut kicks

These Diors ARE to Die For...kinda makes Diet Butcher seem like they were making a spinoffahh these came out fall of 07...but they're timeless!

Raf Simons...very creative a must have! post recession tho lol
All of these pieces are very unique and stylisH. yOU'rE gUranteeD TO GEt StoP n STarEed in these no matter where you are. The Purple Lanvins are a little older (fall o7 collection). Those DioRs are just (as playsis) would say AmaZEEN. tHE rAF SIMmonS astronaut kicks are also very raRE and not a lot of people are up on these, so like always is putting you up on game ahead of time. oH yeah make Sure YOur pockets won't be hurtin because all these pieces range from 400-600 reTAIL. eNJOY!

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