Friday, April 17, 2009

Scene One: This is the Official Video.....Electrik Red feat Weezy also Album Cover

Pay close attention and you'll see the lil differences....I love that these girls they are filled to capacity with personality and sex appeal. Some people are taken aback by their harsh lyrics (not me, Im a Avid Cusser) I love it....Me and my bro love these girls, so does my girls we love em their music is def reflective of popness of The Mary Jane Girls and fused with the raunchiness of Vanity 6 and The world domination of The Spice Girls *sick COMBO* .They are def a breath of fresh air so far every song I have heard have been beyond amazing check out the new edits peeps....ENJOY BISHESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! The album How To Be A Lady volume 1. is out next month and I cant wait Geeshhhhhhhhh

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