Saturday, April 11, 2009

INTERMISSION: In What The F*ck News....CASSIE!!!!! Updates and Twitter

Via Twitter Cassie has unveiled her new "I dont give a fuck" hairstyle.....If she feels thats what she needs to do to stand out then hey DO YOU I guess there is benifits to being Diddys "Angel" cause on his Twitter he said the following about the do:

RT @cassieventura Yeah I did it.... ...YEAH YOU DID DO IT, I LOVE IT. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT from web

I love when people say fuck the world and take risks!!!!! Shout to @cassieventura and GFC crew!!! Dirty MONEY CREW TOO!!!! Let's go!!! from TwitterBerry


Lauren London also weighed in also:

Only my sis @cassieventura can rock a style that bold and be THAT beautiful doing it! Love it!

But I think the most Honest and fun tweet about it was Fabolous he had this to say and added a lil bit of humor about Diddy lmao:

If i never twit again it means Diddy put a hit on me!! LOL... Take that, Take that.. from web

This twitter shit is gonna get me in trouble lol.. im goin 2 work.. later my twiggas.. Street Twitter Ditta Dam.. from web

Looks like one of the haircuts from Edward Scissorhands.. ok, let me stop.. from web

Maybe its a publicity stunt/internet buzz thing, or she jus needed a change.. Or had 2 outdo all the Day26 cryin attention.. thats it! lol from web

Cassie haircut's not da worst thing n da world but its like 4 what? She a pretty girl, gorgeous hair. goes 2 show u women r never satisfied from web

@Flyfatguy thats some funny shit... from web in reply to Flyfatguy
Did anyone see cassie's new haircut??? I jus dont know whats goin on anymore.. smh.. from web

Fab is def a character, if your interested in following any of these artist on twitter just click on there name/twitter above I set up a link also Follow me Playsis on twitter I go by a diff name on there....some people talk shit about twitter but not only is it a networking tool that actually works, you also stay up to date personally with your fav celebs and closet friends n could possibly read about their every move...every stalkers dream lmao....O n I feel just like Fabolous on the whole Cassie thing, but it is just hair it will def grow back and fast. It seems to me that Amber Rose chick got all these chicks feeling froggy....just jumping trying to find their niche....Jack Davey, Kelis, Kesh Kitty, Fefe dobson n RiRi, come show em how its really done lmao.....Good nite guys!!!!!!!!!

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