Monday, January 12, 2009

Scene One: What is going on with these COPS! Do You Feel Safe??...I don't

These past couple of days I don't know but all these police shootings AnD no aRrEsts. As if Last year wasn't enough with the Sean BELL verDICT! I for one am not going to stand for this. It sEeMs as tHOUGh the police are targeting YouNG BlaCk males. More and more innocent people are getting killed and with more and more evidence coming in (caught on camera, no weapons, in cuffs) but yet we are seeing no arrests. This is ridiculous and something has to be done...because right now I am terrified of the cops and I feel likE I need to ProTect MYself or I might be the next Sean Bell, Oscar Grant, or Adolf Grinds.

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Anonymous said...

leave the cops alone