Thursday, January 8, 2009

Chapter Four: Kanye West X Vibe = Cover *Updated*

For the February 2009 issue, Kanye West makes his solo VIBE cover debut. ....*the actual cover is floating around but i'll wait till vibe releases it themselves + the cover around has tags on it sooo *pass* umm he looks very old on the cover sworry loving the *bullet* tho lmao.....of course this will be an interesting article I for 1 think Vibe delivers when it comes to good reads..they ask the right questions and the artist provide great answers....judging by these pics he's still on his fro-hawk/mullet fresh outta psych-ward steez I like it tho but its far ways from his GQ oo you mad cuz I'm styling on you phase oo emm gee we want that taco meat bakk ye lol until next time :)

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