Friday, January 16, 2009

Scene Three: My President is Black By Young Jeezy ft Nas

How appropriate is this, right on the weekend of the Inauguration. Can you say Perfect Timing! I'm loving this video tho, honestly almost gave me the chills, still can't believe it's for real (us having a black president). Jeezy did his thing on this one, this is a creative and meaningful video. I like the fact that they had all of the Great Fallen Leaders names on the picket signs. Paying homage to the one's who paved the way for Mr. Barack Obama.-pRINZE

 Made me cry to see how far we've come as a Nation, Kudos to Young Jeezy sidebar to all our friends (you all) if you going out to Washington, DC be safe and have fun....Me I'll prob be celebratiing somewhere with my family Oooyeahhh....Powerful SHIT PRESIDENT  OBAMA GET WITH IT- PLAYSIS

Great video!

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