Friday, February 26, 2010

Scene Three: Amber Rose channels ICON Grace Jones

Kanye West muse Amber Rose does her best to REmake a Grace Jones picture....the verdicts out and even though Amber has a bomb ass body and her angles r stupendous, I feel that Grace Jones will forever be the HEAD bish when it comes to the whole androgynous look...her whole image looked like a Picasso and Amber's was more on a scale of (you tell me)....The way Grace Jones whole body aligned and the perfect shadow and her beautiful DARK skin will forever be a CLASSIC!!!


Anonymous said...

Amber rose fye as fukk gotdamn, that other chick cant mess with her son

DARLINGdra-pLAY-sis said...

ok..thanks for your comment

Anonymous said...

I dont like her eww