Friday, August 21, 2009

Chapter Sixty Two: Im Backkkk and "I feel on top of the worrrlllldd with youuuuu babyyyyy" LMFAO- La La La

Hey my Curtainflies I know I know I have not updated in over a month....let me put it quick in 140 characters>>> Summer was fun, started slow then I turned it up Campus parties, Bowling...summer shit...NY, My BDAY aug9th...more bakk to school!....ok cool I feel like I grew so much over the summer oo emm gee my New music, New People, New experiences...Imma turn it up...expect more updates *maybe* missed this outlet and YOU readers :) this is how Im feeling LMFAO- is muy caliente....Good Vibes I do update my Twitter everyDAY follow me there

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