Thursday, July 23, 2009

Scene One: BIG Sean- Get'cha Some vid

Such a cutie, but besides that such a the comparisons the kid is "dope"....aside from being a new Def Jam signee he's also down wit the G.O.O.D family, yes Kanye West's team...from his UKNOWBIGSEAN mixtape comes "Get'cha Some" where he brags "If I told you where to get it, you n*ggas still wouldnt grab it, just to pronounce it you gotta have the accent". This how a brand new artist "first" video should look like, simplistic, lighted well so you can see his face, yet artistic....not boobies everywhere (hahhaa I had to throw that in) moving on expect big things from this kid. Expect a cameo by someone lol ENJOY :)

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