Friday, June 26, 2009


First black man to have a video played on MTV, they would cut off sitcoms early just to premier MJ's videos....1958-2009 Thursday, June 25 we lost A LEGEND, selling 750 million records worldwide he impacted the WORLD with his moves (moonwalk, crotch grab, precise, sharp, n innovative dances) songs (all had messages, and were heartfelt), videos (MOVIES), Fashion, and humanitarian work. No longer will he be judged by the negative media. I wanna go where he is, a paradise he's better, happy, healthy, and living forever through me as I play his songs not because he passed but because every song was an inspiration, a movement, life, excitement, the future, none of his music dated, simply timeless. MJ forever lives through me, my family long live the King of Pop and to me King of Music he set the bar for what was hot. Michael is family to me, since me and my two brothers would play all the records (vinyl) and dance nonstop around our mothers living room table taking turns to stop at the "spotlight" and do a special move or EVERY xmas it was religion to play the J5 xmas album, sometimes playing it in the summer lol cause it was that good, so he def has a close place in my heart.....I still can't grasp this for the past couple of hours my brain hasn't worked or refused to....I'm saddened, my heart is broken, we lost the greatest musical LEGEND, his vision went unmatched. I feel numb, Im hurt, Im tired of these runny eyes....what he did to for our culture and world will never be forgotten.
The glove, the jacket with the rolled up sleeves the fedora, the knee pads all staples. I remember going to the movies to see Free Willy and staying well after the movie was done just to hear the song andvideo he did for the film...he touched so many lives with his life. My heart goes out to his family, his children smh.....from the words of Prinze "We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will....and MJ did that". May you rest in peace and no longer have to deal with the scrutiny that fame has brought. So sing and dance in his honor, his life was to be Great and he surpassed that, so if you get anything out of this what Im saying is Live Your Life to the fullest, and Live Your Dreams. All the Musical GODS up there I know you all are having so much fun :) GOD bless. RIP. LOVE

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