Monday, June 1, 2009

Chapter Fifty: MTV Movie Awards: The Review

Last night was a Blur....MTV you LOSE waste of 2 hrs the whole show was a big FAIL.....My review Eminem gets T-bagged by Bruno (the dude the played Borat) and the Twilight kids grabbing every award sheessshhh, heres a lil what I had to say I was Live tweeting in response to the Em thing: Is this real hahahah -my intial reaction, Em was tight.
  1. For all u dumbfucks wo thinks that was staged em is who aginn mr homophobic he wudd NEVER agree to that
  2. That was epic that's a comebakk for ya Eminem lmao damn em aint neva comin bakk to mtv oops
  3. Tyrese aka black ty lmao helped out
  4. Balls to the face oo shit woooww
  5. Is this real hahahah
That is all....smh
When it was done I twitted this- Thank the lord thas over...mtv u lose

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