Saturday, October 17, 2009

Chapter Sixty Nine: Smart Guy is a Sexy Talented, Positive, Gourg MAN Now. CTC presents:Tahj Mowry

I love this family definition of talent, all of them being child stars and merging throughout adulthood without one controversy, role models def. I've been following Tia Mowry on the popular show The Game, Tamera been getting that Disney its Tahj's turn to shine once again with his new hot single "Kick it out" feat Flo-Rida and The Boom Boom Satellites (I know this song is gonna be huge btw), whats crazy is I remember watching Smart Guy and this was the episode when Destiny Child was on there and he was dancing, and I was like this guy is gonna be a problem he has such star quality and now the time has arrived....This kid can dance, sing, act, can dress his ass off, and is super sweet and down to earth. I cant wait till the video and album drop....Get a load of him, cause I am...check the vids of him dancing (can really move) and him singing Dirty Diana by MJ who heavily inspires him. Take OVER baby :)

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